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Learn the Secrets of Free Product Testers

Product Testing 101

You most probably passed by or shopped around your area and noticed the word ‘freebie’ plastered on walls or shops. We should understand that those signs are marketing tools where the manufacturer or the service provider want to collect information from real customers either to sell the product, enhance the wellness of a product or just make other people aware of the product.

In the United Kingdom recently, product testing has gone so popular that a new line of industry has been created around it. Product testing has seen many companies or businesses adopting this strategy to even get a wider sense of awareness through product testing jobs.

In other words, you get paid for just testing these products. Who would mind extra cash for getting free stuff? Imagine being paid for getting something free, no one will be willing to turn opportunities like these.

Product Testing UK

This is probably a hotly contested area when it comes for that extra cash. What is the reason behind it? It is most probably done by the Research and Development Department of the company. Many companies, before they start marketing their products, will collect opinions first and perfect their products.

If not others just wish to upgrade their products this way. The ‘Latest Free Products UK’ is one of the biggest websites in UK that links people to product testing UK companies.

How do you get paid for product testing?

Product testing jobs — which you probably are eager to know how to get one— in UK are offered by various organisations, namely: 

l Toluna

l Pinecone

l Ipsos

 It’s easy to go about it, for example in some of the sites, normally they will give or offer products to be tested such as mobile phones and computers. You surely won’t need a college degree to know how it works. Just visit the website page and sign up. They can either mail it to your address or you collect them at their centres.

What happens next is that you will be given a series of questions and your opinions on the products that you have tried. After which, they issue you with your product testing salary cheque. Anyone can do this as long as you use such products with an objective eye. These product testing companies also make sure they give you products you are willing to try for example, if I don’t like soda they won’t send me free samples of any type of soda.

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